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Indian stone paving is celebrated for its scope of distinctive colours and finishes. This is one of the many justifications that Indian sandstone paving slabs hold such high esteem within the hard landscaping world. The high-quality Indian stone flags that we source are durable and adaptable. In addition, the natural finish of the sandstone paving delivers a textured and rustic countenance. This appearance ensures that Indian stone patio slabs will enrich any outdoor area. Indian sandstone performs both as a contemporary or classic sandstone paving slab.

It ensures good water absorption and frost resistance performance as a natural product. So your sandstone paving slabs will look fabulous for a long time.

What Is Indian Stone Paving Used For?

Indian stone paving has been prevalent since the 1990s. It is a particular kind of natural stone used for patios, outdoor dining spaces and tidy pathways. As the title implies, Indian sandstone paving slabs are shipped from India. India is nationally recognised for its stunning, naturally veined stone. Indian stone flags hold a specific stature within the hard landscaping world. However, Indian stone slabs don’t have the hefty price tag of comparable high-end pavers.

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Do Indian Stone Slabs Come In Other Colours?

One of the most eye-catching and beautiful things about Indian stone patios has to be their vast spectrum of colour profiles and deviations in tones. This is due to the unique sources of the sandstone paving slabs. Multiple Indian quarries declare to have their own ‘unique’ natural stone colour. So, what is the correct shade of sandstone garden tiles for you? If you want to play it safe without your outdoor space, we suggest a single-toned Indian sandstone paving slab. However, if you desire a more weathered feel in your garden, Indian stone flags can still work well. Suppose you have a recently designed landscape for your garden or are eager to have something that grasps your attention. In that case, we recommend the fossil sandstone as the perfect jaw-dropping shade of an Indian stone patio for you. It encourages a breadth of off-white, dark buff hues and warming desert tones to produce that brand-new ‘show home’ look to your garden.

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Should I Pick Sawn Sandstone Or Hand-Cut Sandstone Paving?

It depends on the finish you are going for and the look you wish to achieve. Hand-cut Indian sandstone paving with natural riven shapes and chiselled rims present a more relaxed sense to outdoor spaces. We believe the hand-cut Indian sandstone paving slabs look flawless set in the outdoor area of a cottage, for instance. However, if you want a more polished and tidied feel to your outdoor space, sawn Indian stone flags will be the most attractive option. Because they are sawn, these Indian stone slabs are straight, showing that more uniform look. The pristine lines and square edges of sawn Indian stone flags cause them to be most appealing in contemporary outdoor spaces for the home.

What About Calibrated Indian Sandstone Paving?

While it might sound techie, calibrated Indian sandstone refers to the cutting technique. This technique means that the stones retain an even thickness throughout. Calibrated Indian sandstone paving slabs are popular because of the uniformity of the cut. This also makes them straightforward to lay and transport in large volumes. The typical thickness of sandstone paving slabs is 22mm. However, this will vary if the sandstone garden tiles are hand-cut rather than calibrated.

Do Indian Sandstone Patio Pavers Need Sealing?

Indian sandstone is a remarkably porous material. Unfortunately, this implies it can look worse for wear after a few years of fighting against the Great British weather. For this reason, consider sealing your sandstone patio pavers. The sealant will assist in keeping your sandstone paving looking as good as new. If you go for a dark-coloured Indian stone patio, we suggest and encourage you to utilise a sealant. Without a sealant, the dark and bold tints of the Indian stone flags will wither and quickly start to look dull in colour. A sealant, particularly a colour enhancer, on your Indian stone slabs will protect your sandstone patio pavers. In addition, the sealant will help to battle the consequences of sun, rain and wind. But, you will need to give your patio a quick brush every so often, keeping it looking its finest.

Are Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs Ethically Sourced?

Here at DS Block Paving, we ensure that our sandstone paving slabs are ethically sourced. So when you install Indian stone flags, you know you’re buying from an ethical business.

The Various Sorts Of Indian Stone Flags

No two gardens are identical, and we comprehend that. Therefore, we propose various Indian stone patio options in multiple colours and styles. Indian stone slabs look amazing in black and shades of brown. Whatever kind of garden you have, we will have the ideal option for your garden paving. It’s not just the colours that deviate in Indian stone flags. There is a wide selection of shapes and sizes also. So if you want to create a simplistic stretcher bond arrangement in your garden, we suggest slabs of a consistent shape and size.

Of course, you can still combine colours, dimensions, and shapes of sandstone paving slabs to produce a memorable, fun, and beautiful pattern in your garden. The options are endless, and the preference is yours.

Where Can I Utilise Indian Stone Slabs?

As with all paving alternatives, you must consider the pros and cons to make the right decision for your outdoor paving area. Although
Porcelain paving has become a popular paving solution for outdoor living spaces. Porcelain outdoor slabs have several tempting benefits when likened to other paving options. Nonetheless, there are some downsides to porcelain garden slabs also.

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Sandstone paving slabs are an exceptionally versatile paving choice. They offer a solid natural stone composition. This means they can fully withstand pressure from people walking above. Indian sandstone paving slabs are frequently used in pathways large and small throughout public areas across the United Kingdom because of their durability. Weather isn’t a problem for Indian stone.

The porous quality of the Indian sandstone qualifies it as a perfect paving choice in any weather without becoming frail or broken. However, we advise you to seal your Indian stone slabs to keep them in the best achievable shape. An Indian sandstone patio has such a unique aesthetic charm. Indian sandstone flags are the perfect alternative for patios and garden spaces, whether a little secluded courtyard or a large expanse of garden.

Indian Sandstone Vs Limestone

Although sandstone and limestone look comparable to the untrained eye, they have some substantial differences. This is precisely the point when you compare the countenance and feel of the two paving choices. Limestone and sandstone are the most favoured finishes for driveways, gardens, patios or verandas. Which is most suitable for you and your outdoor space? Sandstone is the clear champion when comparing the two paving varieties on looks and magnificence. This is because of the diverse styles and the expansive colour palette obtainable with sandstone paving slabs. In addition, sandstone gives a beautiful rustic appearance to the area by delivering a coarse yet mild texture. Limestone offers a smoother, silkier finish, so it has a place. Still, the natural variation of sandstone is hard to beat.

Indian stone patios will be more rugged and bumpy than limestone. This is due to its rippled surface. That said, various Indian stone flag textures are selected from sleek and modern to vintage and Victorian looks. Indian sandstone texture fits them all.

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Why Use Natural Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs?

Indian sandstone paving adds a trendy and sophisticated yet modern and rustic look to any outdoor area at a very affordable cost, regardless of what colour, size or texture you choose. In addition, like a fine wine, natural Indian sandstone slabs will look more pleasing as they age. DS Block Paving believe that Indian sandstone looks even more gorgeous as the years go by. Natural Indian sandstone paving slabs can last the test of time. This is because sandstone is like a blessing from nature.

It has been formed over many years with the amalgamation of sand particles. These sand particles contain quartz in enormous quantities, along with cementing material. This is why sandstone is much more long-lasting and immune to impact than other paving options.

Indian Sandstone Paving Is Low Maintenance

Aside from durability, another massive benefit of Indian stone flags is that they are virtually maintenance-free. You simply have the Indian stone patio installed and sealed. Then you can ignore it for years to come. Indian stone slabs are remarkably well-adjusted to rain and harsh weather. Proper installation prevents sandstone paving slabs from being damaged or destroyed over time. If you’re looking to wash your Indian sandstone patio, then that’s straightforward too. You can even use a pressure washer without jeopardising the colour or finish of the sandstone paving slabs.

It has been formed over many years with the amalgamation of sand particles. These sand particles contain quartz in enormous quantities, along with cementing material. This is why sandstone is much more long-lasting and immune to impact than other paving options.

Indian Sandstone Paving Slab Overview

Whether you want a paving solution for a sheltered spot in your garden, a focal point in a courtyard or wish to undertake a more extensive garden project, we can guide you through a wide array of Indian sandstone patio pavers. Our team can transmit many beautiful ideas and methods by which you can define your personality and lifestyle using Indian sandstone garden tiles.

Indian stone flags can reflect the character of your home and your family in a unique way. Feel free to call our team to debate the best Indian sandstone flags for your outside project.

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