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Patio Installation Rochester – Love Lane

Objective: To construct a new Patio at a residential property in Rochester, Kent.

Patio Installation RochesterPatio Installation Rochester

Project Brief: Patio Installation in Rochester, Kent

We recently enjoyed working with a returning residential customer in Rochester to create a beautiful new patio space using Indian Sandstone camel-coloured calibrated slabs. Our team at DS Builders took great care in ensuring that every detail of the project was executed perfectly. From the initial design to the final touches, we worked closely with the customer to create a stunning outdoor space that exceeded their expectations. The Indian Sandstone slabs provided a warm and welcoming feel to the patio, while the precise calibration of the slabs ensured a smooth and level surface. The end result was a beautiful and functional outdoor space that the customer can enjoy for years to come. At DS Builders, we take pride in delivering high-quality work and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We’re proud to have a returning customer who trusts us to always deliver excellent results.

Overview of Work Completed:

  • Demolition of the existing Patio & Steps.
  • Site preparation and excavation of the area
  • Installation of a new patio using Indian sandstone camel-coloured, calibrated slabs¬† as specified by the client
  • Correct grading and drainage to ensure the longevity of the patio
  • Clean-up of the site upon completion of the project

Contact Information: If you would like to discuss a project for your home, contact our Patio installation professionals on 01634 510321.

The Process