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Modak Indian Sandstone
Patio Gravesend

In Gravesend, DS Builders transformed a family home’s garden from an outdated space to a stunning outdoor retreat with Modak Indian sandstone. The previous garden, featuring aged decking and a neglected gravel area, was completely excavated, levelled, and prepared for a fresh layout.

Modak Indian Sandstone Patio Gravesend - Indian Sandstone Patio Gravesend -

DS Builders: Crafting a Modak Indian Sandstone Haven in Gravesend

The new design features a patio area right out of the double patio doors, laid with beautiful Modak riven slabs and complemented by a small step underneath. The light, pink tones of the Modak slabs create a striking contrast with the newly installed fencing and wooden railway sleepers, enhancing the garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Along the left fence, we crafted a rectangular-shaped flower bed framed with sleepers, infusing life and colour into the space. New lush turf was laid, and a diamond formation of Modak slabs provides practical access to the garden’s rear. This area, the main patio, is designed for entertaining, BBQs, and sun worshipping, with the slabs’ warm tones creating a welcoming ambience.

This Gravesend project epitomizes DS Builders’ commitment to transforming gardens into elegant, functional outdoor spaces. We specialise in tailoring each project to our client’s needs, ensuring a perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

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