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Indian Sandstone Patio
Strood, Kent

In Strood, Kent, a family home’s garden underwent a remarkable transformation by DS Builders, reflecting our expertise in garden landscaping and patio installation near me. With its basic paving and sloped terrain, the original garden was creatively reimagined to embrace the summer vibes.

Indian Sandstone Patio Strood - Sandstone Patio Strood -

DS Builders: Revitalizing a Strood Garden with Indian Sandstone Elegance

We replaced the old paving with sophisticated Grey Kandla paving, framed with classic charcoal blocks, reflecting the growing interest in residential landscaping and hardscaping near me. The previous grassy area was rejuvenated with new turf alongside a railway sleeper that now houses a charming water feature, aligning with popular landscape design trends.

At the garden’s rear, we meticulously levelled the ground, preparing it for a more expansive patio area, again using Grey Kandla slabs, ensuring a seamless aesthetic throughout. Adding a new fence and gate enhanced the privacy and the overall appeal, resonating with those seeking landscaping services near me.

This project in Strood stands as a testament to DS Builders’ commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into stylish, enjoyable areas. We pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions that align with our client’s desires and lifestyle needs.

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