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Indian Sandstone Patio
Rainham, Kent

In Rainham, Kent, a local couple entrusted DS Builders with the task of reinventing their garden into a contemporary, low-maintenance sanctuary. As busy professionals running their own companies, they desired a space that facilitated family gatherings and relaxation away from their hectic schedules.

Indian Sandstone Patio Rainham - Sandstone Patio Rainham -

DS Builders: Crafting a Modern Oasis in Rainham, Kent

The original garden, featuring a terrace patio and block-paved areas leading to a turfed section near an outbuilding, required a complete overhaul. Our first step involved removing all previous features with plant machinery and preparing the ground for a fresh, modern layout.

Embracing the client’s vision, we revitalized the garden’s tiered structure using wooden railway sleepers as retaining walls. These sleepers provided clean, defined lines to each layer and framed the steps between tiers, aligning with the latest trends in residential landscaping and garden design ideas.

The main patio area, now a seamless terrace, was laid with Kandla Grey slabs bordered by charcoal block paving, a choice inspired by our portfolio of landscape design work. This sophisticated combination of materials is increasingly popular among those seeking landscaping services near me.

In place of the former grassy area, we introduced grey gravel, adding texture to the sleek Indian sandstone and enhancing the garden’s contemporary feel. This design choice resonates with the growing demand for hardscaping near me and patio installation near me.

The transformation extended to the outbuilding, which was replaced with a substantial ‘man cave,’ complete with modern amenities. Wooden pillars and natural rope adorned the stepped areas, further elevating the garden’s aesthetic.

This Rainham project is a testament to DS Builders’ ability to transform tired spaces into stunning, functional outdoor areas, making us a go-to choice for landscape contractors near me. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions that blend modernity with ease of maintenance.

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