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Hard Landscaping

In another exemplar of our hard landscaping expertise, DS Builders recently rejuvenated a garden in Sittingbourne, turning uneven turf and outdated decking into a harmonious outdoor haven. This project is a testament to our growing reputation as a leading choice for landscaping companies and hardscaping services near me.

Hard Landscaping Sittingbourne - Landscaping Sittingbourne -

DS Builders: Mastering Hard Landscaping in Sittingbourne

Initially, the garden presented an uneven turfed area and a small, old decking section on the right-hand side. Our first task was to level the ground, a process expertly handled with our state-of-the-art plant machinery, showcasing our proficiency in landscaping business operations.

Upon achieving a perfect base, our team enhanced the garden’s boundaries with new, robust fencing, providing privacy and aesthetic appeal. The highlight of this transformation was creating a striking patio area on the right-hand side, laid with dark grey riven man-made slabs, each measuring 450 x 450 mm. The side-by-side pattern of these slabs adds a modern touch and resonates with the search trend for paving slabs near me.

Complementing the patio, the remaining garden area was re-turfed, offering a fresh, vibrant green canvas. To accentuate the natural beauty, we framed the turf with wooden sleepers, skillfully crafting raised flower beds along the back and left-hand side of the garden. This design choice elevated the garden’s aesthetics and seamlessly incorporated the trending garden landscaping ideas.

The final flourish involved planting an array of flowers and shrubs in the new beds, bringing life, colour, and texture to the space. This addition underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive lawn care services and enhancing outdoor living areas.

This Sittingbourne project perfectly illustrates DS Builders’ commitment to delivering high-quality, bespoke hard landscaping solutions. We pride ourselves on transforming challenging spaces into beautiful, functional gardens, meeting the increasing demand for landscaping services near me.

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