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Hard Landscaping

DS Builders recently undertook a significant hard landscaping project for a residential home in Medway, demonstrating our expertise in transforming long back gardens into stunning outdoor retreats. This project is a prime example of our ability to meet the increasing demand for skilled landscaping companies near me and hardscaping services.

Hard Landscaping Medway - Landscaping Medway -

DS Builders: Reinventing Outdoor Spaces in Medway with Hard Landscaping

The project began with a complete excavation of the existing garden, removing all previous features. Our team, equipped with advanced plant machinery, expertly levelled and prepared the ground. This essential step echoes the growing searches for landscape contractors near me, highlighting our proficiency in foundational landscaping work.

A highlight of this transformation is the new patio area immediately outside the back door, featuring elegant Indian sandstone with a striking charcoal border. This choice of materials enhances the patio’s aesthetic appeal and aligns with the trending searches for paving slabs near me. The patio extends beyond the door, stepping down to ground level, where it continues, adorned with three decorative arcs using charcoal blocks, adding a unique and visually appealing element to the design.

The Indian sandstone slabs extend to the left and right sides of the garden, creating a harmonious and expansive outdoor area. The charcoal border beautifully frames the newly returfed central area, combining the best garden landscaping ideas and practical design.

Midway up the right-hand side of the garden, a quaint flower bed was added, introducing a splash of colour and life. This addition enhances the garden’s biodiversity and showcases our dedication to comprehensive lawn care services.

The final touch to this Medway project was creating a patio area at the rear of the garden, where a shed was erected. This functional yet stylish addition provides practical storage space while maintaining the garden’s aesthetic coherence.

This project in Medway is a testament to DS Builders’ commitment to delivering high-quality, bespoke hard landscaping solutions. We excel in transforming challenging spaces into beautiful, functional gardens, meeting the needs of those searching for landscaping services near me.

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