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Hard Landscaping

DS Builders’ latest project took us to Gillingham, Kent, where we had the opportunity to transform a garden that had been untouched for over 35 years. This challenging project showcases our ability to turn even the most neglected spaces into beautiful landscapes, a skill increasingly sought after in searches for landscaping companies near me and garden design ideas.

Hard Landscaping Gillingham - Landscaping Gillingham -

DS Builders: Revitalizing Gardens in Gillingham, Kent

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a garden in a state of disrepair, covered in rubble, rubbish, and brambles, and frequently used for burning rubbish. Our first task was to install new fencing, creating a secure and private boundary for the transformed space. This is a testament to our expertise in providing top-notch landscaping services near me.

The process of clearing, levelling, and preparing the area was meticulous, showcasing our proficiency with plant machinery and aligning with the high demand for landscape contractors near me. Once the ground was ready, we laid new turf, instantly revitalizing the look and feel of the garden.

A key feature of this makeover was the creation of a raised bed midway up on the left side, using railway sleepers. This addition adds depth and interest to the garden and highlights our commitment to innovative garden landscaping ideas.

Adjacent to the raised planter, we crafted a decorative pathway. A weed-preventing membrane was laid down, followed by gravel, and then beautifully centred 450 x 450 grey slabs, creating an eye-catching path that leads from the back door to the back of the garden. This pathway design, skillfully executed, resonates with those searching for paving slabs near me.

At the rear of the garden, we constructed a shed, adding practical storage space and enhancing the garden’s functionality. The final touch was the installation of a patio in the far right corner, laid in a brickbond pattern, perfect for catching the sun and adding a stylish outdoor living area. This feature aligns with the trending search for hardscaping near me.

Our work in Gillingham, Kent, demonstrates DS Builders’ unparalleled capability to breathe new life into long-neglected gardens, providing comprehensive landscaping solutions. This project clearly reflects our expertise in the landscaping business and our dedication to creating spaces that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

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