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Brindle Block Paved Patio Rochester

Objective: To construct a new Brindle Block Paved Patio at a residential property in Rochester, Kent.

Brindle Block Paving Rochester Block Paving Rochester

Project Brief: Brindle Block Paved Patio Installation in Rochester, Kent

We recently had the pleasure of completing a small but important block paving project for a client in Rochester, Kent. The project involved removing and replacing a concrete section with beautiful brindle-coloured block paving. Despite the project’s small size, our DS Builders team took great care in ensuring that every detail of the installation was executed to perfection. The new block paving provided a fresh and modern look to the area and added functionality and ease of use. The brindle colour perfectly complemented the surrounding landscape, adding to the property’s overall aesthetic appeal. Our skilled craftsmen ensured the installation was completed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the client’s daily routine. The result was a stunning and functional outdoor space that the client can enjoy for years. Choose DS Builders for your next block paving project, and let us help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that will enhance the beauty of your property.

Overview of Work Completed:

  • Demolition of the existing Patio
  • Site preparation and excavation of the area
  • Installation of a new patio using Brindle Block pavers as specified by the client
  • Correct grading and drainage to ensure the longevity of the patio
  • Clean-up of the site upon completion of the project

Contact Information: If you would like to discuss a project for your home, contact our Patio installation professionals on 01634 510321.

The Process